Website Maintenance

All our website packages come with a basic monthly service fee. This basic service fee will keep your website fully operational. The basic service fee does not include any time allowance for work done on your website (this is included under the Maintenance Fee package below). The service fee is payable on a monthly basis for the duration you keep your website with 3 Legs Ltd and will cover such things as:

  • Domain Name Registrations (If applicable)
  • Hosting (If applicable)
  • Security-Payment Service Fees (If applicable)
  • Content Xpress CMS Service Fees (If applicable)

Selected services from 3 Legs Ltd include technical support as part of the monthly fee. This support is provided via our support website, e-mail or telephone. Any technical support not covered by the terms of the given service will be charged at our standard hourly rate.

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Maintenance Options

There are 3 main ways that clients can maintain their website.

  1. Using Third Party HTML editing software*
  2. By getting us to make alterations
  3. Using our subscription Content Management System to maintain sections that are updated on a regular basis

Modification and alterations to your website are payable at a standard hourly rate or by quotation. If a large amount of changes are required to your website and/or website design 3 Legs Ltd will provide a quotation for the job. Unless otherwise stated, work undertaken on your website will be payable at our standard website or programming hourly rate. Website maintenance is charged at an hourly rate and all hourly services are billed in 15-minute increments. From the initial request we aim to process basic website updates within 3 working days.

Service Price ex VAT
Basic Updates
Basic updates and alterations, excluding programming, are carried out within 3 working days and charged at our standard hourly rate in 30 min units. If we are unable to complete the work within 3 working days or additional costs are involved then we will notify you. These costs are in addition to any content generation or imagery costs.
£80.00 per hour
Programming work is carried out on a case by case basis.
Contact us for a quote
Content Management

We have a number of CMS modules that allow you to maintain and update selected elements of your website. If you have specific elements of the website that you wish to be able to update on a regular basis then please contact us with details for a quote.

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All prices exclude VAT. E&OE

* Please note that 3 Legs Ltd does not take any responsibility for errors/problems with the website when using Thirty Party software. If we are required to correct any errors or problems then this will be charged are our standard hourly rates.